Thursday, March 12, 2009

Morocco- stucco carvings

Moroccan's design has long incorporated the use of stucco carvings. They are used in Moroccan architecture over doorways, called chemmassiats, and are a kind of false window, letting in light. They also can be found in archways or surrounding doorways. The carvings are highly ornate and reveal patterning seen in Moroccan textile and tile work motifs. Similar to the stucco, are carved wooden screens that are used to diffuse the indoor and outdoor in a house, letting in some light but creating a barrier at the same time. Moroccan furniture also incorporates this type of wood carving technique and patterning. I am interested in the beatiful patterning and the ornate use. Every doorway seems so much more important when it is surrounded with the carved stucco. Also, the window aspect of it, controlling the light through small openings is very attractive to me. They are able to use the light of day while staying protected.

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