Thursday, May 7, 2009

This necklace is about my love of the rain and about trying to capture it. It is not quite finished but I am sitting with it for a few days until I decide if or what it needs.
Another soft structure that I am experimenting with.

I have been exploring soft forms in a more literal way, with fabric and stuffing, with the implication that they are holding some unknown thing. I like that rather than the implied softness of the plaster, these can be held and interacted with.

I really like drawing on the plaster, it captures the really delicate pencil lines. I think I am going to move away from the pillow as a form and start to think more about the plaster as a canvas and use a more abstracted shape. The pillow is not always wanted as part of the narrative.

Brooch with plaster pillow and ladder. I like that this could be taken to mean many different things, rather than overly leading the viewer. Still figuring out how to position the pillows to keep them protected from breaking so they are more wearable.

Menelik, our cat brought this mouse in and I found it dead in the morning. It was so peaceful looking and I couldn't get the image of it out of my head. I decided to use the silhouette of it to create the 'bottom' half of this necklace with the plaster pillow.