Thursday, April 23, 2009

These are some automatic drawings that I have done. I am actually surprised at how organized and intentional they look after I am done with them. I think that they could be great sources for inspiration in creating. Rather than planning out my design, follow the automatic drawing. It is easier and more automatic to draw in a subconscious way than to make in an automatic way, which requires absolute conscious decision making. I am focusing on creating objects that take an introverted look at myself and at society's impact on my aesthetic choices. I would also like to incorporate a form of image making on the pieces I make, whether it be drawing or silhouette, which has yet to be decided. . .

This is a sample I made playing with the cutout cloth, inspired from the construction of a burkha screen. I think it is interesting, using this see through fabric to surround a structure, a screen offering protection.

More automatic making, using what I had in front of me. I like the idea of making pendants, with less restriction of a brooch, which needs to sit on the body and be somewhat flat. A pendant can have a 360 view and great movement.
I am hooked on this form and all of its possibilities. Dreamlike feel no matter what material. They capture a moment in time. They beg to be with something more, though.

More plaster pillows. . . I am fascinated by the way this material captures the wrinkles, almost better than the real thing. These are quite a bit bigger than the ones that I was working with before. I would like to incorporate them into some designs produced from automatic drawing.

I made these in a pretty automatic way, using what I had in front of me and not planning. I find it difficult though, while I am in the process, to not think about what the end result will be.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby piece: Below is the beginning of the fabric attachment. To the left are two finished images. I will probably be adding more of the black silhouettes, not in copper, but rather paper or fabric. This became quite a large piece but is still light enough to hold. . . like a baby. The fabric was laser cut and has brown burnt edges which seems antique to me and makes me like the light pink fabric a lot more. The rows of fabric make me think of baby fat, and follow the under structure. I am trying to decide if there needs to be a more obvious way for this to be held, or if that even matters. It won't be held by the viewer, it will be viewed. . .

These are the gestures from before, but I have added curious tails to them, curling and uncurling. They have been soldered in a fan arrangement (not shown) and are attached as a brooch. I am still deciding on a finish.

Sean hanging from the ropes: This necklace needs something more. I thought about adding a small ladder to the back string, the silhouette climbing to get to another climbing tool. . .

Couple's Necklace: I would like to add even more of the suspended ball bearings and possibly change the red string to something more soothing. If I did this again I would have included rings that the hands were attached to in order to attach the string so that it doesn't come across as binding or restraint.