Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm going with silhouettes!

I feel the most connected to the art of silhouettes. I have always been attracted to the use of silhouettes by contemporary artists and feel that I can make them my own. The two dimentional quality of the profile relates to my background and love of painting and drawing. I am interested in bridging that gap between 2D and 3D art and see this as a great opportunity to do so. A profile of someone can say a lot about a person, their posture indicates if they are tired or alert, proud or shy. Their movement can be further exaggerated to accentuate the profile. A silhouette points out everything that can be missed in a regular portrait. The body says what the face does not. I plan to enhance my silhouettes with my own hand and make them my own through my narratives.
A narrative can be told through a simple blackened profile of a person or an object and I feel that this could strongly affect my work. Without pointing out a person's identity, the profile can represent the entire human race or only a part of it. By giving a figure to an expression, the meaning is more closely linked to us as humans, and more specifically to the viewer. Emotion is expressed differently through a profile than a portrait, which will be a worthwhile challenge. How much of the emphasis is put on the body, rather than the face? What is a profile's relation to the objects around it? Because the figure is unknown, will it make that person less important? If I do use a familiar face, will anyone recognize it? These are some of the questions I plan to explore throughout this process. I am still interested in the two words I discussed about my work, narrative and duality, and feel I can continue with these themes with the aid of the silhouette.

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  1. Great! When I see Kara W. silhouettes they are so powerful, it is hard to imagine how they can be further pushed. But you want to make them your own and I know you can! By bringing your own important theme to this exploration I think it will add layers of interest and meaning. Your last sentences about what you will explore are very intriguing. I think you will be surprised by the power of line