Thursday, February 26, 2009

I haven't decided which form the plaster will take on, but there will be multiples. The binary part will come through in the story I tell and possibly physically in the form. I am interested in drawing directly on the plaster, like we would draw on a sheet of paper.

Wrong Material

I have decided to work with plaster for my 'wrong material'. I have only used it once, but am excited to see what can be done with this moldable material. Plaster has the feel of a blank slate, white and begging to be touched. I described my work to Chris Rose as 'narrative' and during Lori's seminar, I chose the word 'binary'. I think that these two things naturally go together, because there are always two sides to a story. Also, I believe that the opposing forces are necessary to get my point of view across.

My paper clouds, very long and wrapped around. I like the chaos that this creates, it tangles and overlaps and gives no specific sense of direction.

I am drawn to clouds because they represent a moving place, never constant and somewhat make believe. I am interested in telling an imaginative story in a not so serious way.

Week 1

This week, I finished my Head in the Clouds thinking cap and am trying out new materials to incorporate into further exploration of this ephemeral subject. I am using my imagination as inspiration and am focusing on the cloud shape for now, and trying different ways of implying movement. My first attempt was in paper, which I like as a media to start with, but it is not very practical (tears easily). I will move on to other metals, acrylic, monofilament, fabric and possibly plaster.