Thursday, April 23, 2009

These are some automatic drawings that I have done. I am actually surprised at how organized and intentional they look after I am done with them. I think that they could be great sources for inspiration in creating. Rather than planning out my design, follow the automatic drawing. It is easier and more automatic to draw in a subconscious way than to make in an automatic way, which requires absolute conscious decision making. I am focusing on creating objects that take an introverted look at myself and at society's impact on my aesthetic choices. I would also like to incorporate a form of image making on the pieces I make, whether it be drawing or silhouette, which has yet to be decided. . .


  1. Hi Courtney! The automatic drawing are amazing--I hope the 3-D pieces keep the simple yet very engaging quality....

  2. Great thought process and challenges that you set up for yourself!